About Dan Connolly

Dan Connolly's headshotDan Connolly

I have been an Atlanta resident since 1979 and have been licensed to serve my clients real estate needs since 1986.  I joined Re/Max in 1988 and over the course of my career I have helped well over 1000 families with one of the biggest decisions of their lives.


Mission Statement:

My basic commitment is to help people with the task of Buying and/or Selling Property in a way that gets them what they really want with the least amount of stress or surprises.


Lifetime Member of the Atlanta Board of Realtors Million Dollar Club Atlanta Board of Realtors Phoenix Award Recipient Re/Max Hall of Fame Member. Member of the National Association of Realtors

Commitment to honesty and hard work

I offer what I believe is a rare type of service to Buyers and Sellers. Not simply trying to make a sale, I will put the client’s needs first. Often, I find myself talking people out of buying certain homes...for a variety of reasons. Maybe they are underestimating the number of repairs needed or are trying to push themselves into a price range that they can't really afford. After I get to know a client, with permission, I tell them what I really think, even if it is: “stay where you are and add a room...you can't do any better than this!"

With a background in home construction, renovation and repair

I offer a distinct benefit to my clients. I always look for flaws and point them out. I do not try to sell you every house we see. No tired used car sales pushes. When showing I will open the crawl space door, look in with a powerful flashlight and get a read on whether to move forward. If you get an accepted contract, I will come back in old clothes, kneepads, goggles and a mask and go into the crawl space to look for deal killing issues. I don't go in before you make an offer because hey, that's spider town! But I will go quickly when you have an accepted offer, before you hire an inspector because I don't want anyone to waste money on inspections.

Additionally, I have a good rapport with local home repair professionals. This can often bring what initially may seem like an impossible repair request from a nervous buyer to an affordable solution that is a win/win for everyone involved.


Shortly after I got my license, I completed the courses to become an appraiser. This enabled me to help the sellers arrive at a realistic selling price. It also helps me make sure that my buyer clients do not pay too much for their home! I am not currently a licensed appraiser, but I know how they figure value. 


Patience and unwillingness to "push" makes me an ideal Buyer's agent. I always tell Buyers to relax, not to settle for anything, and to wait for bells and whistles to go off. With homes coming on the market every day, there will always be more to look at. Eventually you will find something that really "rocks your world". With me, the traditional sales pitch just isn't there! I believe that the average home buyer will look at many homes before they are willing to make a choice, and I will work as long as it takes.


I am committed to developing and keeping an ultramodern system for getting the home in front of as many potential prospects as possible. With a strong Internet presence, digital marketing, professional photography and a  commitment to "Selling" the product, I know that it is a combination of a lot of little things that make a home sell quickly and for the top dollar.

Call me today, or shoot me a text to find out how I can be of help to you! 404-229-7848