The Atlanta Georgia Real Estate Guide

How to search for condos inside I 285


There are two ways you can search for Intown Condos.

Enter the name of the condo complex you want to search in the subdivision drop down on the simple search widget. Make sure that the condo option is checked and the city is correct. Then you will get a list of all of the units in that building or complex.

Don't search by Neighborhood, search by zip code!. Why do we always search by zip code?  The reason for this is because our two MLS services (FMLS and GAMLS)  elected to only have one search field that is shared by either "subdivision" or "complex name". This is controlled by the MLS, and I haven't been able to convince them to change. Some agents will put the subdivision in that field and some put in the name of the individual condo complex. So when you do a subdivision search for condos, (like Midtown, Buckhead or Virginia Highlands) you miss out on all of the condos lofts and town-homes in those areas that listed the condo complex name in that field.

Some neighborhoods span more than one zip code. If you go to my condo page here, I have broken down which neighborhoods are in which zip codes. If you are looking in an area that is actually a city, like Avondale Estates, College Park, Chamblee or East Point, you can find all of the condos, lofts and town-homes in those areas by searching by city, checking the condo box, enetring your beds/baths and price range. Whe you try that by the city name Atlanta, it doesn't work well because there are literally thousands of condos listed as Atlanta that are outside the actual city limits of Atlanta. Decatur has that problem also. 

Map Search Put in your zip code/bed/bath/price requirements FIRST and THEN do a map search. You will be able to see where in the zip code the various listings actually are.