The Atlanta Georgia Real Estate Guide

The Atlanta Georgia Real Estate Guide

Privacy Policy

We will never sell any of your data to anyone, ever. We will not spam you, hound you, send you recipe cards, or remind you to adjust your clock for daylight savings. Period. Full stop. As it applies to different aspects of the website, see below! 

Facebook Ads

If you click on a facebook ad, you get a sign in form, The form asks name, phone number. If you fill it out it creates an account for you on my website. We know that most people have a rarely used email for this kind of thing and put in a fake number. Believe it or not, we get it and don't want to call someone who doesn't want to be called. If you never want to be called, put in 555-555-5555 for your phone number so I don't bother whoever actually has the fake number you want to put in (lol). Then facebook wants you to accept their privacy policy. Nobody likes doing that, I don't blame you if you don't either. This privacy policy controls what I do with your info. Facebook... well it's Facebook lol.

Once you are registered you can search away for anything you want. If you put in your real number, I will call and introduce myself and offer to meet you at any house you would like to see if it's less than 50 miles from my office. 

Then around once a month I might send you a text reminding you that I am willing to set up a showing with a link back to your account. Lots of people look for awhile, then lose the link, and can't figure out how to get back. If I meet you I will not try to sell you every house you look at. You can tell me if you want to buy it. I will make sure to point out any defects I see that you might not notice. I don't want you to buy the wrong house. I am fine with showing a lot of houses before you find one you want to purchase. 

Email Alerts on Saved Searches

Save a search button

When you search for a property and put in your requirements, at the top left of the list is a button to "Save this search". If you save the search while you are logged in,  the system will ask you to name the search and pick out whether the emails will be daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You will get one email a day around 6:30 am with the new listings, homes under contract, and recently sold and closed. If you have multiple searches they will all come in the same email.  You can opt out at any time and if you stop opening them after a while we will stop sending them, 


Market Reports

The market report simply has lists of homes similar to yours in your area that are on the market, under contract and sold.  You can click on the address and see the full listing with descriptions, pictures, maps, virtual tours and more. Unlike the market valuation, it doesn't give you a suggested price for your house. The report will then send you an updated report every 30 days and is fully automated. It can be adjusted to weekly or bi-weekly.

At the bottom of each email is an opt-out link. 

Phone Calls

If you would like a call, put in your phone number. If you are like most people including me, and you don't want a call, put in 555-555-5555. Trust me, I don't like making cold calls any more than you like getting them. BUT, if you have any questions or concerns and want a chat, I am happy to oblige. I really enjoy calls to people who want to receive them. 

Home Valuation 

Your initial valuation simply has a list of homes with whatever limits (square footage, beds/baths etc.) that you entered. It gives a pretty wide range of price. Upgrades and improvements will make a large difference on value. These addresses are not clickable.

A lot of folks put in their address and then bail when it asks for their information. If you are seeing a link for valuations on Facebook, we already have your info, so put it in. There are opt out buttons on everything and we really don't want to call someone who doesn't want to be called. 

We are always ready to do a more detailed market analysis if you would like.  If you do, we should talk for a few minutes. If you don't want to talk, send me an email with your upgrades and improvements, age of the systems and the the roof, and the condition of the basement or crawl space etc. Let me know all the pro's and cons. I will send a complete CMA at no charge. Just remember me if you should decide to list or if you know a friend who needs an agent. I would be happy to be one of the agents you might interview. 


My website lets you search with no registration required. (I'm different, I know) It is divided into neighborhoods, suburban cities, condos and more. You can look for property anywhere in Georgia. If you want email alerts well... you have to give us your email. I can help you set up your searches if you'd like it or not if you don't. The same promises made above apply here. No hounding you, no way, no how. 

Your email is your username and your phone number is your password

(even 555-555-5555).