The Atlanta Georgia Real Estate Guide

How to save a search, and why you might want to. 

Here is a quick tutorial on how and more importantly why you would want to save one of your searches. If you are looking for a specific type of home in a certain price range in your favorite area you can save a search.

First of all, the act of saving the search will let you come back to the saved search whenever you want to take a fresh look.

The second reason is when you save a search the system will start sending you emails with new listings or price changes that bring a new home into your search requirements. You will have the option of setting the frequency of the emails. The choices are daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or never. Then you can see the new listings in your area of interest, which is important if you are actually trying to buy a home. The inventory is down right now and getting to a new listing early is frequently the difference between having an opportunity to buy it and being too late. 

On your phone the save search button is pretty obvious at the top of the search results. On the desktop search it is harder to see. There is a link in the top left corner of the results page right under the heading "property list". Tiny green + sign and a link "save search". When you click on that you will be prompted to register. The form asks for name and email address (so you can receive the email alerts) and wants you to enter your phone number for your password.

I am willing to respect your privacy if you really don't want to be called, and honestly I don't want to call anyone who doesn't want to talk, so just let me know. Just understand that I am willing to give you access to all of this free info, and just would like to offer my help if you would like to see a property. I am proud of the fact that I am a different kind of Realtor. I have been with Remax for over 30 years and I can bring a lot of value to the showing process. I feel like my job is to point out what is wrong with the house. Really! My job is to help you find the BEST house for your hard earned money, even if it means rejecting a lot of houses before we find it. Look at my about page to read all about it. Or read a blog post I worte in 2008 The Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World. It pretty much sums up how I do business. 

But at the end of the day, if you really don't want to enter your real number, you can make one up. Do me a favor though, make it obviously fake like 333-666-9999. That way I wont waste time with it. 

Happy hunting!