Low flow fixtures are now required for DeKalb County homeowners who buy and close after Jun. 1, 2008

Water dripping image representing waste of waterDue to the recent drought conditions that have plagued Georgia for over a year, a new ordinance has been passed by the DeKalb County Commissioners. This requires that in all home purchases which occur after June 1st 2008, the plumbing fixtures have to be replaced in order for the new owners to get water in their name. The DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management is enforcing this rule. It applies to everyone who gets their water from DeKalb County. This excludes the parts of the City of Atlanta that fall within DeKalb County, as they get their water from the City of Atlanta.

Basic Requirements:

As June 1, 2008, when you buy a home in areas that get their water from DeKalb County Water, you will have to replace all of your plumbing fixtures with new low-flow fixtures before you can get water turned on in your name. Typically they will let you turn it on for 30 days to give you time to replace the fixtures, but then they will turn it off unless you submit a certificate filled out by a plumber, the Dept of Watershed Management itself or a home inspector.


There are some exceptions to this rule, 1)Homes built after 1993, 2) foreclosures, 3) Homes being sold to relatives, and 4) Homes that are sold which are going to be torn down.


There are some Rebates available to Homeowners (while they last) who change their fixtures to low flow, whether or not they are new homeowners. So if you just want to help save some water there is a $50 rebate for replacement with a toilet that uses 1.6 gallons per flush, and $100 if the toilet uses 1.28 gallons per flush. (Note: these were available in 2008 check to see if there are any available now. They come and go!)


In order to get this approved, either a representative from DeKalb County Watershed Management has to come out and inspect the fixtues, or a licensed plumber or inspector (as in home inspectors who do standard inspections) can fill out this form (below) and sign it. Then the settlement statement from the closing along with the compliance form must be submitted with the application for water.