The Oakhurst Community Garden Project – The Wylde Center

Oakhurst Community Garden Project signIn 1996 Sally Wylde and Louise Jackson started a to develop interest in the Oakhurst community for gardening. Initially the began in the school working with children to garden some median strips. The following year they began a community garden on a half acre piece of property acquired by Sally Wylde and her husband, Britt Dean.
Originally named the Oakhurst Community Garden Project, the organization has grown to four separate gardens three in Oakhurst and one in Edgewood. Recently, to honor Sally Wylde, the name was changed from the Oakhurst Community Garden project to The Wylde Center.

The Oakhurst Garden at 435 Oakview Rd

Garden Sign in the Oakhurst GardenThe first garden and the largest is located at 435 Oakview Rd Decatur GA 30030. It is at the corner of Oakview Rd and South McDonough St.
Inspirational Plaque in Oakhurst Garden

The Sugar Creek Garden

The Sugar Creek Garden is located behind the Oakhurst Presbyterian Church and can be accessed from their parking lot. It is at the corner of East Lake and Second Ave.Wylde Center - Sugar Creek Garden

The Hawk Hollow Garden

The Hawk Hollow Garden is located at 2304 1ST Ave. near the intersection of Oakview. It was named for the Hawks nesting in the area and the hollow tree.
Wylde Center Garden - Hawk Hollow

The Edgewood Community Garden

Edgewood Community Learning Garden